Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Washington Post: 'No plans to follow New York Times with paywall...but stay tuned'

In an online question and answer session with readers, the Washington Post's managing editor Raju Narisetti says the paper has made no decision to follow the New York Times by planning to put up a paywall for its internet content.
Narisetti was asked: "With the news that the NYT is going to a paywall at the start of 2011, what is the likelihood that the Post will also? Or is there an expectation that Post traffic will increase as the Times's decreases?"
He replied: "Like most media companies, we believe that our content has value to both readers and advertisers and do want to find ways to get paid for the costs we incur to generate such content--in print and online. Much like subscriptions and advertisements pay for a print paper, it would be good to have a model where both advertisers and readers pay online. But, while we continue to keep a close eye on such announcements as well as some emerging models, no decisions have been made about charging for washington post content online. But, stay tuned."
Via E&P in Exile

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