Monday, 25 January 2010

Scotland's first online newspaper launched

Scotland's new online newspaper, the Caledonian Mercury, has launched today. Behind the venture is  the former editor of, Stewart Kirkpatrick. A print version is expected to follow but will not be a weekly or daily.
The Caledonian Mercury says of its aims: "We seek to revive Scottish journalism by using the internet rather than railing against it. The Caledonian Mercury stands for intelligent reporting, informed analysis and raising the standard of debate in Scottish life. It also seeks to return journalism to journalists and is a platform to display the work of selected specialist writers – freed from the demands of filling space, toeing the line and “feeding the beast”.
"We believe that there has never been a better time to be in the business of journalism, never a better time to find fascinating stories and never a better time to be part of a conversation with our readers. The internet frees us from machine media and brings us closer to the people who inspire and consume our writing.
It adds: " And instead of following the pack we will seek out our own path. Our purpose is to provide in-depth and unique coverage of specific areas of Scottish life. Our print edition will not be daily or weekly and will celebrate the debate we hope our writing provokes.
"This newspaper is an experiment in the evolution of media. It is a statement of belief in a better public life. It does not fear the possibility failure and instead relishes the prospect of change."

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