Thursday, 28 January 2010

3am spills beans on Peter Andre's copy demands

Celeb website 3am has published the terms of a copy control contract Peter Andre's management  tried to impose when they were invited along to see him promoting a new product from Costa Coffee.
Among the highlights:"The interview will be about Costa Coffee and the event only. 3am online understands that they cannot ask any questions regarding anything else; anything asked will not be answered and will be removed from the copy without exception."
  • "3am online agrees to give Can Associates Limited full copy and headline approval of the interview, if approval is not agreed upon 3am online understands that they cannot run the feature."
  • "3am online understands that no images of Katie Price can run with this feature relating to this feature at all."
  • "3am online, under all circumstances, must accompany the photographs of Peter Andre with positive text/captions/headings.
3am says: "We emailed Pete's management back and said we would no longer be attending, telling them "we're simply not prepared to agree to such ridiculously strict terms... we would happily use pictures of Peter promoting the Costa event and give it plenty of plugs, as well as writing about Peter in a positive tone since he is well-liked by us and our readers but... we wouldn't agree to these insanely restrictive terms for Britney or Brad, so we're hardly going to for Peter. We're not losing anything by not covering the event. But we'd be losing the respect of our readers (who care more about Peter himself than they do about coffee) if we published a dull, sycophantic glorified press release."
Story tip Patrick Smith on Twitter.

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