Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Steve Dyson blog on the Nottingham Evening Post: 'Is it's website simply too good?'

Former Birmingham Mail editor Steve Dyson has kicked off his new blog on HoldtheFrontPage with a review of the Nottingham Evening Post.
He is impressed by the Post's hard news and value for money, with a cover price of just 35p. Dyson says: "Times have certainly changed since Evening Post founder Thomas Forman first published a four-page broadsheet costing just ½d on 1 May 1878. But with 135 news stories, features, letters, puzzles and sports reports, plus TV listings, on 27 editorial pages in a 40-page festive-sized book, the paper was still worth far, far more than its cover price."
He adds: "Is the award-winning website, with 72 dedicated community micro-sites, simply too good and draining too many print readers? Why spend more than £100 in cover price per year when the internet provides MORE content for free?"


Robert said...

"It's"? Certainly its website doesn't affect its sales - no website, good or bad, affects the sale of a connected print brand to any significant extent, no matter how convenient it would be if it were true. It's the medium that's the driver for decision-making over consumption, not any individual paper or website.

Joccu said...

The Evening post doe a great job but sometimes their journalism can be sloppy and they have a massive tend to sit on the fence or even miss direct when advertisiers are involved in storys.