Friday, 15 January 2010

Editor & Publisher saved but loses editor

US journalism magazine Editor & Publisher has been saved but is losing editor Greg Mitchell and senior editor Joe Strupp.
The new owner is Duncan McIntosh who publishes Boating magazine and Fish Rap News.
Greg Mitchell says on E&P in Exile: "I am out as editor after eight years, and the great Joe Strupp as senior editor."
The Nielsen Co. announced the closure of E&P just before Christmas. It had been "the bible of the newspaper industry" and was 125 years old, one of America's oldest magazines.
Mark Fitzgerald has been named named as E&P's new editor. He was formerly E&P's editor-at-large.
"I'm of course grateful to Duncan for stepping up to keep E&P alive, and I've been extremely impressed by the passion and energy he is bringing to this enterprise," Fitzgerald said. "I'm humbled to be leading a news organization that I've always believed produces one of the best news reports of any industry sector."
E&P's new owners announced plans to publish a February print issue and continue the magazine's monthly print publication schedule. Online reporting on its website has resumed.

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