Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bobbie Johnson says goodbye to the Guardian

US-based correspondent Bobbie Johnson, who has covered many new media stories, is one of the journalists taking voluntary redundancy from the Guardian.
He writes on his blog: "For many people, redundancy is an unexpected shock that leaves them devastated and reeling. For me, it's entirely different: I volunteered. We've been undergoing a voluntary redundancy programme for the past year and I'm part of the latest round of people to take the jump.
"I'm young, I've got bags of experience, a small number of commitments and I'm itching to try new things. This is a chance to do something new. The entrepreneurial zeal here in San Francisco is infectious, and perhaps I can soak some of it up and use it to my benefit. I am ready for fresh challenges.
"That's not to say I won't miss my job, or the tremendous people I worked with over the years."

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