Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heseltine: 'Media Week was very weak title'

Haymarket's outgoing executive chairman Lord Heseltine told BBC Radio 4's The Media Show today that Media Week had "always been a very weak publication".
Haymarket has stopped publishing a weekly print version of Media Week , which it acquired from Quantum Media, and made it online only.
Lord Heseltine told interviewer Steve Hewlett that Media Week had had a "chequered career and was on its last legs. We took it with some hesitancy."
He said by retaining the name and Media Week brand "we can make more money, without having to print a magazine, with awards and events."


Anonymous said...

Well with an attitude like that from the outset it was never going to 'improve'.

Anonymous said...

Well, at risk of being sore, Tim Burrowes and I and the team rebuilt Media Week before selling it, as a very successful news weekly in an A4 format. As I remember the profits more than doubled and we were nominated for eight PPA awards that year.

How did we do that? I think its because we were brave and we loved it!
Neil Thackray