Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dyson: 'MEN needs stability not wild ideas'

Steve Dyson's blog reviewing the regional press, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, looks today at the Manchester Evening News and he has some advice for its owner - the Guardian Media Group.
Former Birmingham Mail editor Dyson notes that the MEN has being going through turbulent times with the loss of editor Paul Horrocks, the ditching of its half free distribution policy and the a possible takeover by Trinity Mirror.
His advice: "Well, one thing's for sure in the opinion of this humble reviewer: experienced acting editor Maria McGeoghan is evidently doing a cracking job in the chair. Snap her up for the long-term position while you can!
"And yes, we all know that the Guardian Media Trust 'only exists to further the survival of The Guardian,' or some-such grandiose principle. But hey, guys, how about a spell of stability with not too many more wild ideas for this grand old (yet very modern-looking) newspaper? "

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