Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kent News and Pictures ceases trading

These are tough days for news agencies. Yesterday staff at Kent News and Pictures were told that the agency, started by former Evening Standard journalist Chris Eades in Maidstone in 1993, is to cease trading.
Around 10 editorial staff are expected to lose their jobs. Agency insiders claim that the nationals are slashing the rates for stories and pictures and putting out far fewer commissions making it extremley hard for news agencies to stay afloat in the recession.
It is also claimed that cutbacks in the regional press are leading to less news stories with national appeal being uncovered and published.
In 2003, Kent News and Pictures was the first independent British news agency to send journalists to Iraq. Reporter Grant Hodgson was the only British journalist to cover the UN headquarters bombing and his first-person account was widely syndicated throughout the national press.


Anonymous said...

It’s no surprise you went bust after trying to cut the throats of every other agency. It’s a shame your actions have resulted in newspapers thinking £30 for a picture is now the going rate. Amen

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. While I do feel sorry for those who have lost their job I never liked KNP. The agency would do everything in its power to screw you out of money owed through picture sales.
Call it Karma for all those you have shafted over the years (me included)!

Anonymous said...

we have commissioned knp various bits and bobs - mainly photography. we've always had problems with the quality. after the last complains in oct 2009, they've got back to us to say that they no longer wish to work for us! to be honest, that was a blessing, as we found much better photographer who works for us in Kent. not a big loss!

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