Friday, 22 January 2010

Quotes of the Week

Greg Hadfield, ex-head of digital development at Telegraph Media Group: "No longer can newspapers survive by publishing at their readers, by talking down to them, by controlling what can and can't be written or said. In future, they will have to provide – and share, not "own" – the online environment in which they can meet the needs of individual members of their community. They have to be part of social media, not monolithic media."

Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt warns media companies bidding for government money to run replacement ITV regional news pilots: "Let me be clear, we do not support these provisions in the Digital Economy Bill and we do not support the pilot [regional news] schemes. The contracts are not due to be signed until May [and] anyone looking to sign one should understand that we'll do all we can to legally unpick them if David Cameron enters No 10."

Blogger Guido Fawkes: "I have achieved the Marxist ideal. I own the means of production and distribution. I have job security, I can't be fired and do much better than many journalists."

Lord Heseltine on Media Week and the decision to make it online only: "It's always been a very weak publication. . . by retaining the name and Media Week brand we can make more money, without having to print a magazine, with awards and events."

Steve Dyson on the Manchester Evening News: "We all know that the Guardian Media Trust 'only exists to further the survival of The Guardian,' or some-such grandiose principle. But hey, guys, how about a spell of stability with not too many more wild ideas for this grand old (yet very modern-looking) newspaper? "

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