Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kelvin MacKenzie 'not mad enough for CBB'

Kelvin MacKenzie reveals in his Sun column today that he was approached to be in Celebrity Big Brother and offered £75,000.
The former Sun editor held out for £375,000 which never materialised - even though he was vetted by the CBB psychologist.
Writing about his encounter with the psychologist, MacKenzie manages to insult the people of Lincolnshire and the editor of the Daily Mirror.
"I was put in touch with a psychologist, Stephen Flett, who lives in Lincolnshire, where I imagine there is much need for his expertise.
"He carried out an interview by phone and suggested I sit in a room without any noticeable activity. I chose the office of the Daily Mirror Editor."
The article is headlined: 'I wasn't mad enough to be on Celeb BB'.
MacKenzie's column is not available on line anymore and is billed on the Sun website as being available only in the paper.

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