Saturday, 23 January 2010

Photographers in mass Trafalgar Square protest

Hundreds of photographers flooded Trafalgar Square in London today in support of the 'I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!' mass photo gathering.
The gathering was a protest against the police using anti-terror laws to harass photographers taking pictures in public places.
It follows a series of detentions of photographers under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act including police detaining an architectural photographer in the City of London, the arrest of a press photographer covering campaigning Santas at City Airport and the stop and search of a BBC photographer at St Paul's Cathedral.

Pics: Jon Slattery


Scot said...

Thanks, Jon. Are you going to send some pix to the bulletin of the NUJ's freelance branch? Today's was an odd demo: in the absence of police harassment, there was no action, apart from a pathetic effort by a tiny gang of plastic plods. And since there were no speakers, none that I saw or heard, hundreds of fotogs were forced to photograph one another, to be immediately re-photographed by the tourists. How very postmodern.

Jon Slattery said...

Thanks Scot. A journalist told me it was the politest demo they've ever seen.

Rich Simcox said...

Scot, there were intentionally no speakers, and intentionally everyone photographed each other. That's the point. It's brilliant.

Scot said...

I hate to be unhack-like but I agree with both Jon & Rich: whoever saw such a polite demo? Our police are failing us. I'd still say that a demo does need a focus, even if just one short speech. My pix of yesty's demo lack the quality of yours, Jon, but I've just sent one to the Freelance; the bulletin's low print quality may make the feebleness of my pic unimportant. Down with Section 44.