Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Greg Mitchell: 'How E&P lost its E'

Greg MitchelI has written a piece on Huffington Post about how he and colleague Joe Strupp were axed as the deal to save US journalism magazine Editor & Publisher went through.
He writes: "I got a call at home from Duncan McIntosh, the publisher of Boating World and FishRap News and front-runner for the takeover, who confirmed that the contracts for the sale had been signed but unfortunately I would not be part of the re-launch.
"We want to move in a different direction," he said. On three occasions previously, in person and over the phone, he had hailed my "great work" at the magazine and said, "I certainly want to retain you going forward." Now I was out, along with the great Joe Strupp, senior editor and staff writer.
"That meant that the magazine would lose the two staffers who had been responsible for roughly 80% of the magazine's news-making and traffic-driving "scoops" over the past several years -- at a time when Web impact needs to be expanded. (Strupp, in fact, had been focusing on the print to Web transition over the past two years.) This would bring the size of the editorial staff down to four from six."
It is believed the new owner wants to concentrate on business rather than newsroom issues.
Greg and Joe Strupp are contuing to post at E&P in Exile.

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