Thursday 25 February 2010

With Glowing Hearts documents social media at the 'Twitter Olympics' in Vancouver

This is worth checking out. A new insight into the Winter Olympics in Vancouver using social media.
Vancouver-based documentary producer Jon Ornoy is currently in production on a film called With Glowing Hearts.
WGH uses the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as a backdrop for an exploration of the power of social media to tell stories, empower citizens, and break down the digital divide. The film focuses on four stories of citizen journalists and media collectives working in the city's impoverished Downtown Eastside who challenge the negative image of the community using social media and affordable technology to bring the power of digital storytelling into their neighbour's hands.
There is a trailer for the film, blogs about the Winter Olympics and the background to the project at this website:
Ornoy says: "The stories that are unfolding before our cameras examine the very real sense of power which comes from making the transition from just being a consumer of media to being a producer as well.
"Vancouver is a leading centre in the social media world, and it's been fascinating to see how it's being embraced and employed here across the board from protests to hospitality houses in what many here are calling 'The Twitter Olympics'."

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Grego said...

The trailer & web site coverage peaked my interest! I can't wait to see the full documentary about the power of social media, journalists, and community & the Vancouver Games. TipTop's special coverage of the Winter Olympics also provides unique perspectives into aggregated sentiment and specific tweets around Olympic moments and daily trends for the Vancouver well as the athletes, sport events and participating countries.