Wednesday 17 February 2010

Steve Dyson diced by HTFP readers

Predictably, Steve Dyson is getting a bit of a kicking for his blog on HoldtheFrontPage today shredding the Newsquest-owned The Press, York.
One Ex-Mail journo states of the former Birmingham Mail editor: "From his biting comments it is hard not to reach the conclusion that Dyson is far more adept at ripping other papers to pieces than he was at producing one of his own. The massive decline in circulation that the Mail achieved under him hardly reflects to his credit. In an earlier blog he talked haughtily about the possibility of his returning to an editor's chair at some point. Would anyone really want him to do that?"
Another describes Steve's blog as "obnoxious". Although there are those who support his views criticising The Press' splash.
When I was at Press Gazette, Newsquest (who don't speak to the press) would often cut up rough about what it saw as any "NUJ-inspired" negative publicity and at one point withdraw all advertising from the magazine.
Surely, newspapers should be able to take a bit of criticism. I hope Steve Dyson remains "At Large" and not "At Bay".

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Paul Linford said...

To be fair, Jon, the comments have been running about 50-50 so far.