Tuesday 9 February 2010

Welcome to Dalston. . . and David Altheer

Welcome to the blogosphere David Altheer, a former production journalist and NUJ FoC at The Times, who is now a freelance writer since taking voluntary redundancy.
David writes mostly about consumer affairs, the arts and Romany people. His blog is called Loving Dalston, after the area in London in which he lives, but has a wider remit.
He says: "I have lived very happily in this inner London district for many years, so Loving Dalston seemed a good name for this blog. Since the area has become fashionable enough for an article in The Guardian to dub this area "the coolest place in Britain" -- and the journo, Paul Flynn, looks cool enough to judge -- you may consider my choice of blog name presumptuous.
"Or, as you read, you may become disappointed that the blog is not only about Dalston. Good point: I run Dalston stuff, but I also ramble far beyond E8. The blog needed a name and Loving Dalston fitted with my optimistic outlook; at least, it did when the blog-server asked for one."
The blog has seven reasons for loving Dalston: Culture, food, architecture, walking, cycling, street life and feel.

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