Friday 12 February 2010

Guardian and Observer good relations guide

In an apparent irony by-pass, this weekend the Guardian and the Observer are giving away guides telling us how to have better relationships. According to an ad on the back of today's Guardian these handy guides will show us how to "get on with everyone better".
Essential reading for Guardian and Observer staff whose relationships fractured when it was disclosed that the Obs might be axed to save the mother ship. Although reprieved, the Obs is suffering huge cuts and losing three of its monthly mags.
What next? A two part guide to happy marriage by Jordon and Peter Andre.


audelbat said...

Does anyone know how i can acquire the 2 parts of GUARDIAN/OBSERVER
Better Relationships which came out in Feb.2010? If so,please e/mail details to me at
Thanks for any ideas as to how to find these 2 little booklets.

Anonymous said...