Wednesday 3 February 2010

Dyson on the Essex Chronicle: Top Geere

Steve Dyson in his blog reviewing regional newspapers, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, is full of praise for the Essex Chronicle today and its editor - Alan Geere.
Dyson says: "Suffice it to say that my advice to any newspaper needing a revamp or input of ideas should send their executive editorial team down to the Essex Chronicle for a day to watch a demanding Geere putting his pages together."
Geere is a highly experienced journalist who has edited papers around the world and run training courses for the likes of Dyson.
He tells how Geere's pet hate was meetings out of editorial: "I can't come," he used to advise us to say, "I don't do meetings, I run newspapers."
Dyson concludes his blog: "As well as editing the Chronicle, Geere is also editor-in-chief of the Essex Chronicle Media Group and editorial director of Northcliffe Media South East... I hope he's still managing to avoid too many 'upstairs' meetings!"
I wonder if Dyson was refecting on his own experience editing the Birmingham Mail.

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