Thursday 11 February 2010

How Bizarre as MacKenzie does a Morgan

Kelvin MacKenzie is pictured in  the Sun today alongside pop sensation Jedward as he admits to wanting to ape Piers Morgan.
MacKenzie, who invented the Sun's Bizarre column when he was editor, writes how the likes of John Blake, Andy Coulson and Nick Ferrari all found fame and fortune after becoming editors of Bizarre.
He adds: "But the most famous by a long way was Piers Morgan, who decided early on that he had more talent and ability than the stars he was interviewing and therefore he would add to their celebrity by being pictured with them. It worked  a treat - for Piers.
"I have decided, late in life, that I too wish to adopt the Piers approach."
Hence the pic with Jedward, snapped in the green room of ITV's  This Morning show. MacKenzie promises more pics with the stars. He tells readers: "In the months ahead I plan to bring you more. Stay close.""

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One of John's former employees who likes Neil Young said...

Yes but at least Piers didn't identify and publish photos of a rape victim. I don't advocate violence, but god, I wish someone would slap Kelvin hard. Preferably in public.