Monday 15 February 2010

'Print alive and well in magazines'

The Independent's media commentator Stephen Glover writes about the magazine ABC figures today. He notes that sales of Private Eye, the Oldie, The Week and Prospect are on the up and contrasts this to plunging newspaper circulations.
Glover says: "Whereas in the newspaper world there is structural decline, with nearly the whole market heading gently southwards, in the magazine world there are titles performing well and titles performing badly. Given all that has been said and written about the decline of the printed word, who can resist a flutter of pleasure that some grown-up magazines should be flourishing?"

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Adam Westbrook said...

It's great titles like the Week and Private Eye are up...evidence perhaps of a growing demand for well curated, edited, aggregated content?

Is there more business than we thought in separating the signal from the noise?