Friday 5 February 2010

Quotes of the Week

Rupert Murdoch on Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger's vision of a future without paywalls: "I think that sounds like BS to me."

Lorna Tilbian, analyst at Numis, on the Guardian Media Group: “They have to reinvent the business model because you can’t rely on the cover price and classified advertising. Now people don’t want to pay for the hard copy.”

Guardian Media Group chief executive Caroline McCall on paywalls: “It is not really the way the web works. That is not to say there are not areas of specialist content that cannot be charged for...It is the wrong thing to do right now because the jury is out about whether that is the way consumers are going to get information. We will watch what happens."

Blunt on the Playing the Game blog: "Nowadays we call these people 'community correspondents', we are their 'mentors' and the whole thing has the twee title of 'citizen journalism'. It's all part of the great hyperlocal plan - reporting down your local street. But shouldn't your 'local' paper already be covering each of the areas.
"Oh hang on, didn't all the reporters get fired already?"

Daily Telegraph on the lifting of John Terry injunction: "The decision of the High Court to lift the injunction preventing newspapers identifying John Terry, the Chelsea and England captain, as the footballer alleged to have had an extramarital affair marks an important step away from the imposition by the back door of a privacy law on the British media."

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