Tuesday 9 February 2010

How the North West views MEN deal

Most of the sympathy appears to be with the remaining staff at the Manchester Evening News following its sale by the Guardian Media Group to Trinity Mirror today, according to this sample of posts from the How-Do media website in the North-West:

Good luck: "Huge cuts and consolidation between the Liverpool Trinity and Manchester GMG outposts now await.  Sorry 'efficiencies', not cuts.
Best of British to all at the MEN and co."

George Dearsley: "TIMBERRRRRRRR! I really feel so sorry for the many journos who will now lose their jobs after putting in so much effort over the last fews years to keep GMG going."

Diogene: “Mark Dodson has been a major part of GMG Regional Media’s success over many years. He and his leadership team have shown creativity, courage and determination in a very tough media market. We thank them for that.” Now p*ss off!"

ChristinaMc: "Whilst the M.E.N is a shadow of its former self, this is still a very sad day for the former Manchester Guardian. In wishing to bolster its national arm, the Guardian has just proceeded to sell its parent newspaper down the river. Further redundancies - and the shedding of some local papers can only follow.
Good luck to all who still work there, and who work so hard under increasingly difficult conditions."

Thanks London: "Manchester - stabbed in the back by the Guardian Media Group & Scott Trust. Well what do you expect from the "phony liberals" of London?"

Captain Smith:"....oh 5h!t...it is an iceberg after all....."

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