Wednesday 24 February 2010

Steve Dyson looks at Posh evening paper

Steve Dyson in his Dyson at Large blog reviewing the regional press, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, takes a look at the Peterborough Evening Telegraph today.
Steve writes: "A top splash, confident news and sports intros and strong online boosts to the newspaper made the Peterborough Evening Telegraph an enjoyable review."
He praises the paper for its tightly written intros but adds: "For goodness sake, spread this succinct style into the business section, which felt slow, awkward and read like an advertising supplement."
On the paper's online service, Steve notes the Evening Telegraph  has a live link to an online page about the newspaper, its daily features, paper round jobs, back issues service and how to get it home delivered.
"This is great stuff, simple online calls to print that so many newspaper websites could immediately emulate," he says.

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