Friday 26 February 2010

Quotes of the Week

Andrew Rawnsley interviewed in the Guardian about Gordon Brown's reaction to his book: "He hasn't been on the phone. I expect he is quite cross."

Andy McSmith in the Independent on Gordon Brown: "We read of him seizing an adviser by the lapels and shouting in his face, but the next day, the same adviser still has a job. If that is a "reign of terror", to quote a phrase in common use yesterday, I wonder what phrase would sum up the management techniques of some newspaper proprietors and editors, past and present."

Rod Liddle interviewing Piers Morgan in the Sunday Times:" 'Gordon is obsessed with Britain’s Got Talent,' Morgan says, laughing, and I want to tell him that I am too, that I am obsessed to the point that I want to shoot everyone on it."

Ian Herbert in the Independent about the bitterness felt by the Manchester Evening News staff over its sale by Guardian Media Group: "The abiding sense among MEN staff that The Guardian occupies another world to them was never felt more acutely than when the journalists from the Manchester trade union chapel headed to London last year for a crucial meeting with their highly supportive Guardian counterparts - only to be told that they must wait around for a meeting room to become free, as it was being used for a yoga class."

Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on press standards: "There is still a great deal of good, responsible journalism in the British press. However, the picture painted for us of corners being cut and of fewer journalists struggling to do more work is cause for concern. If the press is to command the trust and respect of the public, the public needs to know that the press is committed to high standards even in difficult times."

Charlie Brooker in the Guardian: "Even if Terry had been caught ­having sex with a Cabbage Patch Doll in the window of Hamleys, he'd still be a better role model than any tabloid newspaper. A child who idolised the tabloids would grow up to be a ­sanctimonious, flip-flopping, phone-tapping Peeping Tom who thinks puns are hilarious and spends half its life desperately ­rooting through bins for a ­living. If I had a child like that, I'd divorce it. Or kill it. Whichever proved cheapest."

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