Monday 15 February 2010

NY Daily News' Rich is a model reporter

New York Daily News  reporter Rich Schapiro has told how he was spotted by a casting director while on the phone in Union Square and later flown to Paris to star in an ad for Dove body wash.
He tells Daily News readers: "There I was, standing half-naked in a French chateau with a makeup artist applying lotion to my nipples. A few minutes later, I found myself standing in a shower, my body slathered with an ungodly amount of men's body wash, and a photographer snapping pictures of me and my apparently photogenic armpits."
He adds: " 'Model' isn't the first (or the 10th, or the 100th) word that most people associate with newspaper reporters. So let me explain what happened. It all began last May when I was walking through Union Square while talking on my phone.
"Out of nowhere, a short woman with blond hair appeared in front of me and started yapping. 'I'm on the phone!' I shrieked.
"Undeterred, she leaned in and whispered, 'I'm a casting director looking for guys to appear in a Dove ad in Paris that pays' - well, let's just say it was more than I make in several months as a reporter...She insisted that Dove was looking to cast 'real men,' meaning non-models."
He says of the ad (above): "My photo is going to be splashed in stores and newspapers and I am bracing myself for the inevitable ribbing from friends and adulation from my proud grandparents."
Via E&P in Exile

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