Thursday 4 February 2010

Telegraph names Grant as manager in brothel

The Daily Telegraph today names Portsmouth boss Avram Grant as the Premier League manager who has visited a brothel, smashing another hole in privacy injunctions obtained in British courts.
The Telegraph reports: "Last year a tabloid newspaper reported that a Premier League manager had been caught visiting a brothel, but did not name him or identify the location. At the time, the newspaper blamed “creeping privacy laws” for preventing it from publishing further details. It followed a number of cases in which wealthy and famous individuals had successfully used the Human Rights Act to gag the media.
"But a landmark ruling by Mr Justice Tugendhat last week swung the pendulum back in favour of freedom of speech, when he revoked an injunction granted to John Terry, the England captain.
"In recent weeks, Mr Grant’s name has been widely circulated on the internet, with more than 10,000 references to the brothel visit on various websites, and The Daily Telegraph has established independently that he is the manager in question."

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