Friday 19 February 2010

Quotes of the Week

Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy in a Frontline Club discussion on the General Election and use of social media by political parties: "If you have a 'Twitter strategy' it is probably shit,"

Chris Condron, head of digital strategy at the Press Association, also at the Frontline Club, on the General Election: "It won't be Twitter wot won it."

The Press Complaints Commission in not upholding a complaint against Jan Moir's Daily Mail column on the death of singer Stephen Gately: "The price of freedom of expression is that commentators and columnists say things with which other people may not agree, may find offensive or may consider to be inappropriate. Robust opinion sparks vigorous debate; it can anger and upset. This is not of itself a bad thing. Argument and debate are working parts of an active society and should not be constrained unnecessarily (within the boundaries of the Code and the law)".

BNP leader Nick Griffin: "That we're not going 'soft' was shown to millions of viewers who will have seen the report of us ejecting a lying Times journalist from the press conference."

Peter Cole and Tony Harcup, in their new book Newspaper Journalism, on why print journalists are used as commentators by the broadcast media: "It is of course partly because the electronic media are obliged to be impartial whereas print journalists take positions. None of this is good for the egos of the print journalists who are so magnified across the electronic media."

Former BBC war correspondent Martin Bell pays tribute to Heather Brooke in the Radio Times:  "There would have been no front page revelations had it not been for a largely unknown investigative reporter called Heather Brooke. It was Brooke who brought the House down."

Newspaper Publishers Association director David Newell on the BBC's news and sport apps: “We strongly urge the BBC Trust to block these damaging plans, which threaten to strangle an important new market for news and information.”

Kelvin MacKenzie in his Sun column: "The only joy I get is seeing the race to the death of the Daily Mirror and the Guardian. Excuse me if I don't weep."

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