Friday 26 February 2010

Kevin Anderson to leave the Guardian

The Guardian's digital research editor Kevin Anderson is taking redundancy and will leave the paper at the end of next month.
Before joining the Guardian, Anderson worked for the BBC and developed a blogging strategy for BBC News.
Writing on his bog, Anderson says: "I’m joining many of my colleagues in accepting another offer from the Guardian, voluntary redundancy. My last day is 31 March...It’s been a real honour to work at the Guardian and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me. We’ve achieved a lot in the past three and a half years, although it felt like we were always impatient to do more."
As for the future, he adds: "I’m hoping it will be one that helps journalism make the transition to the future. I have almost 15 years of experience in digital, multi-platform journalism ... Nothing is settled, though, so I’m still open to offers, as well as being available for short-term writing and freelancing."

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