Tuesday 2 February 2010

Is The London Weekly for real?

Posters on MediaGuardian seem a bit scepticalabout the launch of The London Weekly this Friday.
Madbloke posts: "Media prank? Students out to show how easy it is to generate column inches? Sociological experiment? Tax dodge? Launch of something else in disguise? I await Feb 5 with bated breath...."
Emma Smith: "The London Weekly looks like it's been produced by my favourite Viz cartoon character "Lazy disinterested 16-year-old shop assistant"It's got gum-chewing YTS schemes all over it...."
Fenneliam: "..it also claims to have a massive staff (about 50). and they've released a launch date - next Friday. but here is where it gets weirder than just a rubbish business idea - there are no contact details, even for advertising, which seems quite a priority when you're launching any content business let alone a freesheet. the explanation of what it is (in the About Us section) looks like it's written by a drunk. and the business address of the IP is 2 Old Brompton Road which turns out to be a Citibox to conceal real trading addresses used for reputable businesses like a Dubai Escort company."
Check it out for yourselves: The London Weekly.


Rich Simcox said...

The editor in chief is listed as Agnes A Theresa...Mother Theresa. You decide...

JTownend said...

I've rounded up, but not solved, the mystery here. All very curious! http://blogs.journalism.co.uk/editors/2010/02/02/the-london-weekly-some-unanswered-questions/