Friday 26 February 2010

Watts: 'Guardian complaints system a sham'

Mark Watts, the candidate for the Journalist editorship who alleged that the NUJ Left was plotting to take over the union, is claiming today that the editorial complaints system at the Guardian is "a farce and a sham".
He says: "After three months of delay and obfuscation, the newspaper has finally reached a conclusion on my complaint about two blog articles written by its media commentator, Roy Greenslade, attacking my exposure of “NUJ Left”, the far-left faction attempting to hijack the National Union of Journalists.
"The complaint was partly upheld and partly rejected. But the handling of the complaint makes the newspaper industry regulator, the Press Complaints Commission – which the Guardian often likes to criticize – appear thorough, considered and credible."
He has written, at some length, about the way his complaint was handled on his FOIA website.


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Obfuscation? Surprised he can spell the word

Gatsby said...

He seems obsessed with fictional characters!