Friday 23 October 2009

Sun hits Nick Griffin again

For the third time this week the Sun today has an editorial attacking Nick Griffin and a front page splash dominated by the BNP leader's own quote from last night's Question Time appearance: "I'm the most loathed man in Britain' - with the added comment : "we couldn't have put it better, Mr Griffin."
The editorial asks: "ONLY one question matters this morning. Has BNP leader Nick Griffin's BBC outing made it more likely that voters will support his odious party?
"The answer, The Sun believes, is an overwhelming NO.
"Nervously twitching under the Question Time spotlights, Griffin looked exactly what he is: A pathetic bigot whose only policy is to ask voters to drink from the poisoned well of racism.
The tougher the questions, the more he wriggled and smirked."
The Independent's front page says of Griffin: "The BBC gave him the oxygen of publicity. He choked."
But the Guardian comment piece by Aditya Chakrabortty is headlined: 'No big gaffes so he will say it's a success.'

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