Thursday 29 October 2009

'Schools jobs site could cost local press millions'

The Newspaper Society has warned that a national online jobs website for schools launched by the government last week could divert millions of pounds in advertising revenue away from the local media.
Schools Minister Vernon Coaker announced last week that the Schools Recruitment Service portal would save up to £30 million annually if all schools in England signed up.
The Schools Department said the service will "cut down the costs of advertising and re-advertising posts” from the “costly, long-winded process” of recruiting staff for schools.
NS communications director Lynne Anderson said: “The NS is very concerned about public sector advertising portals such as the Schools Recruitment Service which can seriously limit the field of applicants to jobs in the public sector.
“At the same time, they cause serious damage to independent local media by diverting millions of pounds in advertising revenue at a time when the industry is looking to strengthen its position in time for the economic upturn."
Government recruitment websites for the health service, education and social services are seen as a threat to the ad revenues of weekly magazines covering those sectors as well as national newspapers, like the Guardian.


Paul Linford said...

Peter Barron of the Northern Echo first raised this issue last week.

vishnuprasath said...

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