Friday 16 October 2009

BNP tries to stop advertisers using local paper

The BNP has called on its supporters to threaten to boycott businesses which advertise in the South London and North Kent-based weekly News Shopper, the paper has reported.
It says: "Following an article we ran about Paul Golding, a BNP councillor in Swanley St Mary’s, supporters of the party have contacted three of our advertisers saying they would have no further dealings with them if they continued to use your favourite paper to promote their businesses.
"The article concerned quoted several residents and councillors saying Councillor Golding had 'done nothing' for the community he was elected to represent. "
News Shopper says after the story appeared an email was sent to BNP supporters claiming to be from party leader Nick Griffin, called 'Time to Fight Back Against News Shopper Lies!'
which singled out three companies which advertise with the paper.
When News Shopper contacted Coun. Golding he admitted he had created the message and said: “I am not speaking to the News Shopper as we think you are a bunch of lying scumbags...You’re a vilifying left-wing gutter newspaper.”
News Shopper says the three companies targeted by the BNP had each been inundated with calls and emails from BNP supporters.
The BNP has also targeted advertisers of the Manchester Evening News because it didn't like the coverage the party was getting in the paper.
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