Wednesday 28 October 2009

Steve Dyson: 'Why it's time for a new editor'

Steve Dyson has posted on his editors' blog about why he has decided to quit the Trinity Mirror-owned Birmingham Mail which is to switch to overnight printing. Trinity is also taking the Birmingham Post weekly.
Dyson writes: "The company owns the papers and has every right to plan their futures. It has done so after lengthy consultation with many parties, including me."
He adds: "It has been quite a wrench to come to the decision to move on, but I feel it is the right time to seek new challenges elsewhere. I leave wishing everyone at the company the very best for the future."
In a reference to his successor, David Brookes, Dyson says: "I've known David since I first spent some time on work experience with the Birmingham Mail as a student in 1990. He was then chief sub on the Mail . . . while it was a wrench to leave the Mail myself, I know that in David is a worthy successor. And whatever the various opinions on the new strategy for the paper, I know that David will lead it well and that it has the best chance of success with him in the chair."
Dyson adds: "Although I'm currently on a pre-booked holiday, I'm pleased to be returning to work as normal on November 2 and to be staying on until December to help pave the way for David.
"It's going to be a difficult period to assist with taking 40-odd journalists into redundancy, but I'm wanting to be involved in that as I know all those affected, and want them to have the best-possible, most consistent approach as they go through this consultation.
"And then, come the end of 2009, it's the time for new beginnings for many of us."

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