Wednesday 14 October 2009

NUJ mag apology to 'union hero' Suzanne Breen

NUJ magazine the Journalist today apologised to Suzanne Breen - the Sunday Tribune journalist who won a court battle to protect source material related to stories she had written about the Real IRA - over a letter published in the latest issue.
The apology says: "The NUJ has apologised to journalist Suzanne Breen for an article in the September/October edition of the Journalist, the union’s membership magazine.
In the September/October edition of The Journalist we published a letter by Paddy McGarvey under the headline “Union hero Suzanne Breen was ‘licensed by the Real IRA’”.
We unreservedly accept that the allegations in the headline and article were totally and absolutely without foundation, and should never have been published by us in the first place.
We fully accept that Suzanne Breen has at all times conducted interviews and investigations on a strictly professional basis as a journalist, and we sincerely apologise to her for publishing false allegations to the contrary."
The election of a new editor of the Journalist to succeed Tim Gopsill is currently taking place.
Pic: Jon Slattery

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