Friday 30 October 2009

Quotes of the Week

Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman: "People I know who work in local newspapers now find themselves having to produce so much stuff that there is very little room for them to even go through the basic functions of journalism, of putting in the phone calls and casting a sceptical eye on what people with powerful, vested interests tell them. You can look at the sums. The NUJ will give you the figures. You will find there are fewer local newspapers and there are fewer journalists working on each of those papers. That means they have to cover more ground and cover that ground more thinly"

NUJ on the workload at the Worksop Guardian: "Over the past 18 months the Worksop office has lost a sports editor, a news editor, two full-time reporters and a part-time reporter and those journalists left behind have been expected to work on an extra title - the Gainsborough Standard - and to add video, audio and website reporting to their regular duties."

Baboon-killer AA Gill in the Sunday Times : 'Now, baboons aren't stupid. Well, no stupider than Piers Morgan."

Duncan Campbell on scruffy journalists: "The Guardian newsroom, it has to be said, has always stood for free expression in clothes – from berets and fedoras to cycling shorts and singlets – as in everything else."

Steve Auckland, managing director, Associated Newspapers Free Division, on London Lite: “The latest development in the London afternoon free newspaper space dictates that we look again at the future of London Lite. Despite reaching a large audience with an excellent editorial format, we are concerned about the commercial viability in this highly competitive area”.

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