Monday 26 October 2009

Indy goes ape over baboon killer Gill

The Independent devotes page three today to outrage at Sunday Times writer AA Gill and his admission that he has killed a baboon while on safari.
Gill made the admission yesterday in a restaurant review in the Sunday Times Style Magazine about a trip to Tanzania.
The review opens: "I shot a baboon in Africa, last Wednesday, just after lunch."
Gill adds: "I know perfectly well there is absolutely no excuse for this," he said. "Baboon isn't good to eat, unless you're a leopard. The feeble argument for cull and control is much the same as for foxes: a veil of naughty fun."
The Indy quotes spokesmen for the League Against Cruel Sports, RSPCA and International Fund for Animal Welfare condemning Gill, who described baboons as "no stupider than Piers Morgan".

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