Wednesday 21 October 2009

Indy editor on Jan Moir piece: 'Nasty, loopy, nutty...and it's meant to make you angry'

Independent editor Roger Alton almost ran out of adjectives to describe Jan Moir's Daily Mail article on the death of Stephen Gately on Radio 4's Media Show today.
According to Alton, the article was "nasty, loopy and nutty." But he defended Moir saying she was not homophobic. He told the programme: "Columnists are there to get you angry."

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RC said...

Roger Alton is right. It might well be a loopy or nutty piece, but columnists are there, as he said in The Media Show interview on Radio 4 today, to "stir things up". That's their job. A voice of sanity amidst all this hysteria. Thank you, Roger.