Friday 30 October 2009

George Orwell's NUJ card

This is a George Orwell's NUJ card from the time he was working for The Tribune. It is part of the UCL Orwell archive than can be accessed here.
Orwell was recruited to be Tribune's literary editor by Aneurin Bevan. He joined the NUJ in 1943 and remained a member until his death in 1950.


Unknown said...

This is great, but is it genuine? I notice the signature line is empty...

Jon Slattery said...

Dear Asa,

I think it is genuine. I have seen it before, reproduced in the book 'Journalists:100 Years of the NUJ' by Tim Gopsill and Greg Neale.
There is an account in the book of how Orwell was an NUJ member from 1943 to his death in 1950. Maybe he never got around to signing the card?


Jon S.