Tuesday 13 October 2009

BBC Radio staffer: 'Compliance is the condom on the prick of professionalism'

Great posting on the Independent's Media site about Compliance from someone working in BBC Radio, which backs up last night's feature in the Evening Standard: Fear and Loathing Inside the BBC.
Radioloco posts, under an opinion piece slamming Compliance by Steve Warr, joint managing director of Raw Cut Television: "I work in BBC radio. Since the Ross/Brand affair, BBC compliance has become utterly restrictive, inhibiting and pointless. No longer dare you take an editorial decision as a journalist or a producer/presenter but someone appointed as the "compliance officer" has to review every pre-recorded item - yes everything, even a vox pop. Staffers are no longer trusted to make judgements for which they've been trained, and everyone errs totally on the side of safety - offend absolutely no one and protect Mark Thompson's backside in case the Daily Mail reports BBC Radio Countyshire made a booboo....Such is the effect of BBC's new compliance procedures. Compliance is the condom on the prick of professionalism."

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