Tuesday 20 October 2009

Sun gives BNP leader Griffin double whammy

The Sun makes a double attack on BNP leader Nick Griffin today prior to his appearance on Question Time this week.
The paper says in an editorial headlined 'War on Bigotry': "Griffin will appear on TV's Question Time on Thursday, and so he should. We hope he will be exposed by penetrating questions and skilled debate.
"He will, of course, seem reasonable.
"He will say apparently reasonable things about mass immigration, and capitalise on the low esteem in which our MPs are held.
"His reasonableness is a trick.
"Don't be fooled."
And Fergus Shanahan in his column says: "My bet is that after this week Griffin will wish he had never accepted the BBC invitation. Cockroaches only flourish in the dark. Shine a light on them and they scuttle away."
The paper also has a double page spread on the campaign to stop the BNP using Britain's military history for propaganda.

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