Saturday 17 October 2009

Guardian ungagged: Minton Report published

The Guardian has published the Minton Report into toxic waste dumping in west Africa after lawyers Carter-Ruck, acting for oil traders Trafigura, finally abandoned attempts to keep it secret.
Carter-Ruck wrote a letter to the Guardian last night which said the newspaper should regard itself as "released forthwith" from any reporting restrictions.
An MP revealed the report's existence to parliament this week, after the Guardian was hit with a "super-injunction" banning all mention of it.
The Minton Report commissioned in 2006 from the London-based firm's scientific consultants, said that based on the "limited" information they had been given Trafigura's oil waste, dumped cheaply the month before in a city in Ivory Coast was potentially toxic, and "capable of causing severe human health effects".
The Guardian has a link to a copy of the Minton Report on its website: the Minton report (pdf)

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