Thursday 15 October 2009

Guido Fawkes: 'Make Heather Brooke Reformer of the Year'

Blogger Guido Fawkes notes that The Reform think tank is inviting votes for its “reformer of the year” award.
He says: "Looking down the list there is one candidate who deserves to win. Heather Brooke, the Freedom of Information campaigner who fought the Speaker and parliament to reveal the true venality of the political class deserves your vote. If it was not for her the troughing would still be going on unseen by the public today…"
I hope Heather Brooke is not overlooked when the journalism gongs are given out at the end of the year. The Telegraph is bound to scoop up a bagful. Telegraph journalists deserve it for their work on exposing MPs' expenses but so does she. No-one should forget the way Heather battled her FoI challenges through the courts.
Pic: Heather Brooke at the Frontline Club (Jon Slattery).

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