Tuesday 27 October 2009

More on Johnston Press' new content system

Johnston Press has signed for a groupwide, 2,500-seat Atex content management system to develop a converged newsroom strategy, reports Editor & Publisher.
Last month subs within the company were reported to be concerned that the new system could lead to a "clear out" of sub-editors.
E&P says the Atex CMS will help Johnston Press create a unified central system for use with all its products. The converged newsroom will also accelerate an online strategy to offer hyper-localized content created through reader participation and the deployment of micro-sites.
It quotes Johnston Press group IT director Roger Davies saying in a statement: "Quickly producing micro-sites was another crucial functionality. We realize that local and national events, such as the Olympic Games, which are coming to London in 2012, may require new Web sites dedicated to local athletes."
Implementation began with Johnston Press' Midlands Division, to be followed by the South Division. All seven divisions are expected to be operating by the end of next year. The completed project will among the largest publishing CMS implementations, E&P says.
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