Friday 23 October 2009

Six types of journalist: Which one are you?

Northwestern University’s Media Management Center in the US recently produced a report called, “Life beyond print: Newspaper journalists’ digital appetite”—a survey of almost 3,800 people in a cross-section of newspaper newsrooms.
The report identified six types of journalists:

1. Digitals – about 12% of journalists, the youngest cadre and one that spends most of its time online.
2. Major shift – about 11% of journalists, individuals who typically have 15 years of experience. They spent time online but not in the newsroom. They think newsrooms need to get on it and make a more ambitious shift. They could devote as much as five times more effort to contributing to a digital migration—if they could only have an indication of a worthwhile investment.
3. Moderately more – at 50%, it’s the biggest slice of the newsroom and one that desires to split its efforts equally between online and print. They usually have about two decades of newsroom experience and generally think publications are going in the right direction.
4. Status quo – about 14% spend about 30% of their efforts online. This is just dandy to them. Things have been pretty good.
5.Turn back the clock – 6%. The Web sucks! This set of journalists just wishes this Internet journalism was a big, bad dream.
6. Leaders – about 5%. These seasoned journalists are the movers and shakers (or at least publishers and managing editors) in the industry. They typically devote most of their energy to print products but want to shift efforts online.

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