Monday 16 November 2009

Christine Buckley wins Journalist election

Former national newspaper industrial correspondent Christine Buckley is understood to have won the election to be the new editor of the Journalist, succeeding Tim Gopsill.
Runner-up was Michael Cross; third, Mark Watts: fourth, Frank Morgan; fifth, Steve Usher; sixth, Tim Arnold; seventh Rich Simcox; and in eighth place was David Tilley.


Whealie said...

I hope everyone will rally behind Christine now.

I hope Birmingham and Coventry branch will not push ahead with their Late Notice Motion to ADM calling for a re-ballot.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Christine. She ran a good, fraternal campaign and I'm sure she'll do well.

Tom Davies

Dave Osler said...

Oh well. So much for evil Trot machine politics.

Congratulations to Christine, of course.

Martin Cloake said...

Very pleased that, as I believe someone said, the membership's voice was heard. I second Chris's comments. Onwards and upwards.

Rich Simcox said...

Yes, well done Christine. A real mandate and broad support - exactly what we need.