Monday 23 November 2009

Tim Crook launches new media law blog

Court reporting specialist Tim Crook, senior lecturer in Media Law & Ethics at Goldsmiths, University of London, has started a monthly media law blog.
It is on the companion web-site for his forthcoming text Comparative Media Law & Ethics that compares the media law of the UK and USA. The web-site will be open access and is being constructed to assist media law students and anyone else interested in the subject. It will include summaries of new and past case-histories.
Tim, a journalist of 34 years standing; ran his own news agency covering Central Criminal Court and Royal Courts of Justice from 1981-1997; was the first UK specialist broadcast legal affairs correspondent; and has campaigned for media freedom and open justice.
He says on his blog: "Students of media law in Britain, and certainly the country’s professional media communicators, can be forgiven for thinking that there is a bewildering state of confusion in the situation of the country's media law rights.
It would be fair to say uncertainty, insecurity and constant change on a week by week basis seems to be a fair description of the state of affairs."

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