Tuesday 10 November 2009

Journalists in campaign move against BNP

Plans to form a campaign group of journalists to oppose the BNP and stop the media giving the far-right party an "easy ride" are underway. The catalyst for the move is the appearance of BNP leader Nick Griffin (pictured) on Question Time.
A letter is being circulated among journalists which states: "Following the disastrous appearance of Nick Griffin on Question Time, which resulted in poll boosts for the BNP in which one in five voters said they would consider voting for the racist party, many journalists feel there is an urgent need to:
• Establish a campaign group of journalists and other media workers who can put effective pressure on press and broadcasting outlets that give the BNP an easy ride, while supporting and defending colleagues who want to expose the BNP;
• Circulate a statement in the media opposing the BNP;
• Organise a major central London rally aimed specifically at the media;
• Organise a debate on BNP coverage at the Frontline Club;
• Make contributions to the NUJ's new reportingthebnp.org website (to be launched at the end of November);
• Generate other campaigning ideas.
There will be a meeting to get the campaign going on Wednesday Nov 18, 7.30pm at the Function Room, Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0EG.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear,did the blatant BBC hit-job on Griffin backfire on you communist freaks?

Anonymous said...

Just as the campagn to stop buying news rags is about to take off :) perfect !

Michael said...

Anonymous is showing all the signs of a poor education in the mainstream with all of the other prolls. Clearly anyone of advanced intellect would realise that the real fascists are the journalists intent on curbing the right of the people to see all of the arguments in order to further their own views. As most of the journalists love to "rattle" like empty vessels and hear their own voices, they have still not realised that unless a political party is deemed illegal, it has every right to be heard - no one demands you listen, unlike these poor ignorant journalists who think the rest of us need to be protected from freedom at all costs. The fascist media has decided you are too stupid to make up your own mind, too stupid to discount what does not make sense, you are only fir to do as they demand, in orther words, "You are entitled to believe, read and hear, what your journalists think you should hear, making your own mind up is NOT an option". No wonder we consider journalists to be such poor stewards of freedom, yet they above all, whine the loudest when told they cannot have all that they demand - shoot the lot of them.

Nationalist said...

Why would anyone want to oppose the BNP? Every day we hear of another asylum-seeker rapist; the Met police are now admitting openly that the gang-rape epidemic in London is "92% black" and somehow I don't think the remaining 8% are native Brits. Meanwhile MI5 are monitoring 2,000 muslim terrorist plotters resident in the UK.

Let's face it - it's BNP or game over for this country.

Anonymous said...

I thought journalists were mean't to report the news and be unbiased?

How about an expose on who finances the UAF or are their no real journalists left?