Friday 13 November 2009

Monbiot: 'These local papers are worth saving'

George Monbiot on Comment is Free has listed the local newspapers that readers and, in some cases journalists, have contacted him to say do hold big business, councils and the powerful to account.
They have responded to Monbiot's scathing piece in the Guardian which claimed: "For many years the local press has been one of Britain's most potent threats to democracy, championing the overdog, misrepresenting democratic choices, defending business, the police and local elites from those who seek to challenge them."
Now on CiF Monbiot says there have been dozens of positive responses sticking up for local papers , both in the comment threads and by email.
"In choosing the strongest cases, I have concentrated on the papers which, according to their readers, have held powerful institutions to account: big business, local government, the police and professions," he says.
The paper that has received the most commendations is the independently own free weekly Camden New Journal. The Doncaster Free Press also does well.
Monbiot adds: "Please keep the commendations coming, and if your local paper deserves to survive, fight for it."

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Rich Simcox said...

I was pleased to see he included my comment about the News Shopper, but slightly miffed he chopped off the last line, which was:

"...And trade unionism, I might add, which helps to ensure junior reporters are schooled in ethics as well as front page splashes."

I have commented on the new story to say, it's important to recognise that a strong NUJ chapel in a newsroom makes a big difference to the quality and veracity of reporting.