Monday 16 November 2009

Petition for quality journalism in South West

An ipetition has been launched supporting "quality journalism" in the South West.
It states:"We residents of the South West recognise that the regional media plays a crucial role in enabling citizens to make informed decisions. We condemn the latest round of job and budget cuts in the region's profitable media companies as a further erosion of the ability of journalists to properly serve their communities, and an attack on democratic accountability, media plurality and quality.
"For journalists the cuts not only mean a loss of jobs but longer hours, increased workloads and rising incidences of stress and bullying. For freelance journalists the cuts mean less work and lower rates. While applauding those media workers who have resisted such cuts and welcoming the successes achieved as a result of collective action, we believe excessive profiteering and poor management have left companies unable to cope with the current advertising downturn or structural changes happening in the industry.
"As employers increasingly turn their back on building successful and sustainable local media it is left to the National Union of Journalists to defend journalists and journalism. So we call on the South West’s MPs and MEPs to: - support all NUJ members taking action to protect jobs and the quality of the media in the South West. - support local journalists by exploring alternative methods of funding for the media and by giving state support, either in the form of deregulatory measures or financial help, only when firm guarantees of investment in local journalism are given. - lobby media owners to stop the cuts that are devastating the industry, reducing accountability and damaging democracy."

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